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KWJ Music


KWJ Music is a registered non-profit organisation in Australia. The major activity of the organisation is presenting concerts and music festivals in various places in Australia, India and worldwide. While KWJ Music focuses mainly on Carnatic music, some events will involve collaboration with many other musical styles. This will help to bring further integration of Carnatic music into the world music scene, while also providing more opportunities for all types of musicians.

KWJ Music also offers the opportunity for artists to build their careers through teaching, workshops, and artist management services.

KWJ Music is also aware of the physical and mental health benefits of music and offers consultation with top professionals in the field of music therapy.

We’re a switched-on, lively bunch of A&R managers and creatives providing talented artists with everything they need to get ahead in the music industry, affordably and accessibly. With more years’ experience than we can count on both hands and some heavyweight awards under our belts, it’s safe to say the music world is in our veins and we know a good bit about it.

We’re passionate about developing the future of the music industry, and we understand just how tough it can be to succeed in this increasingly competitive market.

At KWJ, we don’t believe that great artists should have to compromise their creative freedom, sign their lives away to maximize their potential in the music game. Which is exactly why we’ve pioneered something special. Our unique artist development hubs are designed with one simple ethos: to take great talent further. We provide a one-stop-shop of services – from marketing and music video production to radio play,  release and legal representation. And unlike other music management companies, artists can pick and choose what they receive from us.