Hi, I’m Jayan Gopinathan, dedicated Carnatic musician and the founder of KWJ Music. I’d like to give a small outline of what we’re all about at KWJ Music.

I started this organisation back in 2013 as a means of pursuing my passion in life, Carnatic music; the classical music of South India. We are a registered non-profit organisation in Australia, dedicated to the promotion of music in general, with a specific focus on Indian classical music.

Since 2013, we have organised dozens of classical music concerts in Australia, India and other international venues, and in doing so we have given opportunities to several talented artists, both upcoming and established. We also provide teaching to students worldwide through online or in-person lessons. We are currently implementing a plan to provide free music concerts and teaching to underprivileged children in India.

Currently, I am fortunate to be working with virtuoso Carnatic and world musician, Grammy award winner Shenkar (Dr. L Shankar), an extremely influential name in the worldwide music scene. Shenkar is involved in all our services at KWJ, giving us the rare benefit of his vast experience, high-level exposure, and media attention.

In order to enhance our financial capability, we are expanding our range of services into the broader fields of music production, studio services, artist management and event management; specifically of larger scale music festivals.

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The KWJ Mission is to preserve and promote the rich Carnatic music of South India and showcases it alongside many different styles of world music.



We understand the power of music on the soul and the vehicle it provides for our sanity, health, and creativity.

We understand the impact music has on the lives of people of all ages, and the tremendous gift it brings to participants and listeners.

With these understandings, KWJ aims to foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of music, promoting artists, organizing concerts, tours, producing music and facilitating artist collaborations.

Specifically for Carnatic music, KWJ will promote worldwide appreciation through exposure to high-quality concerts and recordings. We will be creating better opportunities for upcoming artists to perform and mingle with other top professionals. We will showcase Carnatic music alongside many different types of music, helping to integrate it, with the world music scene.

KWJ Music also promotes the therapeutic effects of music.